T-Shirts That Turn Heads

Though the t-shirt trend may shift occasionally, some timeless looks are still very popular around the world. The fact that you can always count on the newest t-shirt designs and trends including polo neck t-shirts, crew new t-shirts and many more to keep your look current and put together proves that guys today are clearly more interested in fashion than ever before. But today, every man is more focused on how they present themselves and how to differentiate themselves from the mainstream fashion trend. 

Things to consider before buying a T-Shirt

  • Neckline: The t-neckline shirts should be seamless and not restrict neck movement.
  • Fit: The fit will depend on your body posture; double-check your dimensions since the tee is meant to provide an ideal fit.
  • Sleeves: If it has a half-sleeve, it shouldn’t go past the biceps.
  • Dimensions: The t-shirt should be belt-length in length.
  • Shoulders: The sleeve’s body attachment point must be lined up with the end of the shoulder.

Best T-shirts available for men

T-shirt neck styles are yet another crucial component that enables you to abandon the standard and choose men’s clothing that is more intriguing.

Crew neck t-shirt

You can dress stylishly and courteously for a Sunday brunch by choosing a crew neck t-shirt that expresses your sense of style. It has a loose neckline that stands out from more typical types. Such men’s t-shirts are simple to wear if you have a decent personality.

Henley t-shirts for men

Sometimes referred to as a “Henley t-shirt,” it is the best to create a flattering look and protect your hands from the summer heat. Full sleeves are also available in printed styles to maintain a trendy appearance while being comfortable. A collarless variation of the polo t-shirt type with a combination of aesthetic and stylish look is the focus of the Henley full-sleeve t-shirt design. 

Polo t-shirts for men

The best to choose from the variety of t-shirts is the polo neck one because the polo t-shirt collar styles are so adaptable. They may be worn both officially and casually. Thus, it is pretty evident that buying various types of polo t-shirts online has several benefits. The best part is that polo t-shirts with collars are one of the wardrobe essentials that instantly update a collection.

V-neck T-shirts for men

Another popular form of t-shirt is the V-neck style. This type of t-shirt could bring in more versatility to your wardrobe and give you more outfits options. V-neck t-shirts can be paired with jeans, cargo pants, trousers for a casual look. Additionally they also look good with capris and shorts if you are looking to curate a vacation wardrobe. 

Plain T-shirts for men

Plain t-shirts are a must-have in a man’s wardrobe. Nothing screams basic like solid t-shirts that can be easily paired with denims and trousers alike. Solid or plain t-shirts for men can also be a great undershirt to wear when styling a fashionable jacket.  After all, they are referred to as classics for a reason! Opt for well-fitting plain t-shirts and stock up on the basic colours to have a flexible wardrobe.

T-shirt designs have long been experimented with to offer us looks that range from sporty to semi-casual and everything in between. The nice thing about various t-shirt styles is that they can be altered in many ways to produce countless styles while maintaining their core identity as the most popular item of clothing for men. Jack & Jones has an amazing collection of t-shirts to shop from. So get your shopping bags ready!


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James A. Maloney