Some Common Side Effects of the Laser Hair Removal Process

If you are tired of traditional hair removal methods, such as waxing and shaving, you are not alone. Nobody likes to spend hours in their bathroom trying to get rid of every hair on their body. Removing hair from areas that are difficult to reach is particularly annoying. Issues with traditional methods may lead to wondering whether laser hair removal is worth it and safe. 

Generally, laser hair removal is a safe and effective process. Dermatologists and other experts at the Laser & Skin Care Center offer this treatment, where your hair follicles are stopped from growing new hair. There are no long-term or major side effects. However, you should still educate yourself about the minor ones to make an informed decision. 

Common side effects of the laser hair removal process

  • Skin redness and irritation. 

Skin redness and irritation are one of the most common side effects of laser hair removal. This is more likely to happen if you remove your hair from a sensitive area, such as your armpit. You may experience tenderness, skin irritation, perifollicular redness, and edema (swelling). You may have experienced these side effects after traditional waxing and shaving. 

The redness, irritation, and other side effects usually fade after an hour. You may use an ice pack to relieve the symptoms. 

  • Pigmentation changes. 

After you have gone through the laser treatment, you are likely to notice a slight change of color on your skin where the procedure was carried out. If you have light skin, dark spots may appear on your skin. On the other hand, people with dark skin experience lighter spots from the procedure. The good news is that these pigmentary changes are also temporary, just like the redness and irritation. 

  • Burns and blisters. 

Do not panic upon reading the word “burn.” Burns from laser treatment is not as severe as one might think, but they can still cause discomfort and irritation. Moreover, burns and blisters are rare side effects of laser hair removal and only occur when the treatment is not carried out properly. This is why the procedure must be conducted under expert supervision. 

  • Scars. 

Again, scars are not common side effects of laser treatment and happen when the process is done very aggressively. Your skin is a sensitive part of your body and should be handled delicately. A professional should take special care to ensure the laser’s heat is not too much for your skin and does not cause a burn or scar. 

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Chin D. Tucker