Shopping for your honeymoon? Don’t forget to shop for these beautiful lingerie

A wedding is a special occasion for many reasons. It is special because you get to wear the gown, lehenga, jewellery and shoes of your dreams. It is special because on your wedding day, friends and family come together to celebrate a sacred union. 

However, the reason that makes a wedding all the more special, is what comes after- your much awaited honeymoon. Your honeymoon is the trip where you get to truly spend time with your husband and you get to know each other in more ways than one. 

And to get the full experience of it and to feel at your sensual best, buying a good quality honeymoon night suit for bridal is a must. 

Here are different types of lingerie that you can carry with you to your honeymoon:

  • Babydoll

A lace babydoll is the ultimate honeymoon suite wear item that every new bride absolutely must own. Babydolls are short, sleeveless, mostly sheer dresses that flare out from the underbust. They will flatter your figure in the most stunning way possible and the skin peeking through the lace patterns will make sure you feel confident and desirable. Babydolls are also available with a matching set of bra and panties and sometimes they even have a bralette with a plunge neckline attached to the top to compliment your breast. You can wear babydolls under dresses to improve their fit and silhouette. 

  • Matching bra panty set

A simple yet effective pair of matching bra and panties is something that should always be in your honeymoon suitcase. For an unforgettable night, don these beauties under your best dress and you will be making not just your husband happy but you will also be showering some much needed love on your body. Make sure to buy these in your perfect size so that they hug your curves in a way that is enticing. 

  • Chemise

Wearing a chemise on your honeymoon is the tried and tested way to increase the excitement. Chemises are body hugging dresses that were typically worn under stiff corsets as a protective layer. The modern versions however, do very well on their and are on the top of the list of elegant yet sexy honeymoon wear items. 

  • honeymoon night suit bridal

Last but not the least, a layered honeymoon night suit for bridal in red,  pinks and other colours complimenting your skin tone is an option you should not miss out on. There is a vast variety of these bridal night suits available on sites like Zivame. Long dresses, nighties, robes in soft and light fabrics like satin and silk with hems of lace are items we would highly recommend for a sexy look and the best honeymoon experience. 

Having the perfect honeymoon night suit forbridal on your trip is a must. Not only to spark excitement but also to stay comfortable on a trip that usually gets very exhausting. Log onto Zivame and explore the versatile world of sexy lingerie for your very special honeymoon. 


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James A. Maloney