Different Styles of Perfume and Constituent 

Different Styles of Perfume and Constituent 

Perfume is not part of your gross attire but an invisible part of your personality, how you present yourself to the outer world. It could make a difference on special occasions and in day-to-day life. All perfumes come with exquisite aromas, but their profile and composition are varied. It is imperative to know the classification, so you can wear the right one on the right occasion and at the right time. You may have your preferred perfume, but having the knowledge of different perfumes enables you to take an informed decision. A specific perfume is crafted for a certain time of the day and for the occasion.

The intensity of concentration

Most perfume contains some specific compounds, synthetic or organic, mixed with water and alcohol and provides a pleasant smell when sprayed on skin, hair, or clothes. But the essence comes from the Oud oil extract and other essential and fragrance oil extracts that create the profile of the perfume. Mainly there are six categories of perfume; eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, eau fraiche, parfum, and perfume oil. The level of concentration of essential oil or perfume extract differentiates the varieties. In the fragrance sample UK you will find all the categories with different price ranges.


Parfum is a French word meaning perfume apex of the list as it contains the highest concentration of essential oils and constitutes around 20 to 30% of the liquid. It is the most costly perfume available in the market, and the aroma lingers for twelve to fourteen hours after application. If you have sensitive skin, parfum is ideal for you as it contains a small quantity of alcohol and mostly fragrance or essential oil.

Eau de parfum

It contains the second utmost concentration of essential oil or perfume extract ranging from 15 to 20% of the liquid. The aroma of Eau de parfum is quite exotic but second to parfum, and the beautiful smell stays for eight to twelve hours. It gives you a subtle appearance for any special event. Most of the Eau de parfum can be squirted on clothes except those crafted from silk.

Eau de toilette

This type of perfume is most commonly used, and many leading brands market this genus of perfume, and it contains 5 to 15% of essential oil. Eau de toilette is derived from the French word “faire sa toilette,” meaning get ready or clean yourself. As the phrase suggests, it is designed for daytime use. As it contains less essential oil or perfume, its aroma remains for two to four hours, and its less potency is ideal when you are in close contact with others.

Eau de cologne & Eau fraiche

The concentration of perfume is around 2 to 4%. Due to the high alcohol content, the aroma stays for around two to three hours for the persistent effect. You need to use it multiple times a day. Eau fraiche is a French word meaning fresh water. Due to its high aqua content, the smell is lighter and more subtle than other varieties. In fragrance sample UK you will find every style of perfume with varied perfume profiles and price tags. You will find the most desirable scent that goes well with your personality and occasion.

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