What Types of Lip Embroidery Styles are There?

Who doesn’t want a more defined lip? So many individuals couldn’t imagine going through a day without wearing lip makeup, from the everyday modest flash of colour that may rejuvenate your skin to the on-point special occasion red lip.

But what if you could get the gorgeous red lip you desire without wearing makeup?

Nevertheless, it is achievable with lip embroidery, a.k.a. a semi-permanent lip tattoo. Permanent lip shading can improve the appearance of your lips by colouring them in with pigments that persist for years without fading.

What Exactly is Lip Embroidery?

Lip embroidery is created using permanent makeup, a type of cosmetic tattooing that incorporates PMU pigments into the skin’s surface layers. This gives the illusion of wearing makeup and eliminates the need to apply lipstick or whatever product you typically wear.

Lip embroidery, although they are created by tattooing, is not permanent. In truth, the pigments are designed to fade over time – up to 4/5 years – until it finally becomes unnoticeable. Unless, of course, they are renewed.

Here is a range of available lip embroidery styles to pick from based on your preferred lip makeup product.

Fully-coloured Lips

Replicates: Matte lipstick and lip liner.

The most striking kind of permanent lips is full lip colour. It entails producing a lip liner-like outline and covering the whole surface of the lips with pigments to make them seem like you’re wearing lipstick.

It may be done in any colour, including the iconic red lip. However, because lips only keep a limited amount of pigment at a time, you’ll probably need 3-4 tattooing sessions to obtain the opaque appearance.

Lip Blush

Replicates: Sheer lipstick.

Lip blush is the most popular kind of permanent lip colouring since it is a little more subtle. It’s a method for blending colour into the lips with varying degrees of opacity, depending on your preference.

It’s an adaptable treatment that can be done in various lip shading patterns and hues.

The basic lip blush smoothly coats the whole lip in pigments. The shape is defined, but not as sharply as it would be with full lip colour.

Aquarelle Lips

Replicates: Lip tint or coloured gloss.

Aquarelle lips are a variant of the embroidered lip blush that does not have the contour, resulting in a softer impression. The term comes from watercolour paintings, and the objective is for the colour to flow into the lips with no drastic changes.

Because there are no harsh edges, it is frequently compared to airbrushing. The centre of the lips is more pigmented than the edges, but there is no noticeable colour gradient. Everything is silky and natural-looking.

Ombre Lip Blush

Replicates: A two-toned ombre lipstick look.

In the cosmetics sector, the ombre effect is well recognised. It started with our hair colours and progressed to permanent lip procedures.

The ombre lip blush is pretty much what it sounds like. The lip embroidery method is used to heavily saturate the outside corners of the lips, with the colour progressively becoming more translucent towards the centre.

The ombre effect adds volume to the lips, producing a more optically luscious pout.

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