Explore The Different Types Of Sherwani Available For Men

When it comes to traditional Indian attire, the Sherwani stands as a timeless symbol of elegance and regality. This majestic garment has been adorning men for generations, exuding grace and sophistication.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various types of Sherwanis available for men, each with its unique style, fabric, and occasion suitability.

  1. Classic Sherwani

The Classic Sherwani is the epitome of traditional elegance. Crafted with rich fabrics like silk, brocade, or velvet, it features intricate embroidery and ornate embellishments. This type of Sherwani is perfect for grand occasions such as weddings and formal ceremonies, where opulence is key.

  1. Achkan Style Sherwani

The Achkan Style Sherwani is characterized by its straight-cut silhouette, resembling a formal European suit. It typically features a Mandarin collar and is often adorned with minimalistic embellishments. This style is ideal for events that call for a balanced blend of tradition and modernity.

  1. Jodhpuri Sherwani

Inspired by the royal attire of the Maharajas of Jodhpur, the Jodhpuri Sherwani is a majestic ensemble that combines a Sherwani with a Jodhpuri jacket. This fusion exudes a distinguished aura, making it a popular choice for grooms who seek a regal look.

  1. Angrakha Sherwani

The Angrakha Sherwani is characterized by its unique cross-over style, which is fastened with ties or buttons. It emanates a vintage charm and is often crafted with luxurious fabrics like silk or satin. This style is perfect for those who desire a touch of nostalgia in their ensemble.

  1. Prince Coat Sherwani

The Prince Coat Sherwani is a shorter variation of the classic Sherwani, usually ending just below the waist. It is paired with Churidar trousers and exudes a contemporary vibe. This style is an excellent choice for semi-formal events or occasions that demand a modern twist to tradition.

  1. Achkans with Dhoti Pants

This fusion of an Achkan-style Sherwani with Dhoti pants creates a distinctive look that is both regal and comfortable. It is a popular choice for cultural events or celebrations that require free movement while maintaining a royal appearance.

  1. Jacket Style Sherwani

The Jacket Style Sherwani combines the elegance of a Sherwani with the versatility of a jacket. It is often adorned with elaborate embroidery and is suitable for events that demand a statement-making attire.

  1. Sherwani with Asymmetrical Hem

Featuring a unique hemline that is longer at the back and shorter at the front, this Sherwani style exudes a contemporary edge. It offers a fresh take on traditional attire and is ideal for those who seek a modern, fashion-forward look.

  1. Printed Sherwani

For those who wish to add a touch of creativity to their ensemble, the Printed Sherwani is an excellent choice. It features intricate patterns and designs, adding a vibrant and artistic flair to the traditional attire.

  1. Indo-Western Fusion Sherwani

Blending elements of Western and Indian fashion, the Indo-Western Fusion Sherwani is a contemporary masterpiece. It combines the silhouette of a Sherwani with modern fabrics and cuts, creating a unique and stylish ensemble.

  1. Sherwani with Brocade Patterns

A Sherwani with intricate brocade patterns adds a touch of opulence and texture to the ensemble. The interwoven metallic threads create a stunning visual effect, making it an excellent choice for lavish celebrations.

  1. Embellished Velvet Sherwani

The Embellished Velvet Sherwani, adorned with sequins, beads, and crystals, exudes luxury and grandeur. It’s the perfect choice for a groom who wants to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.


Choosing and buying Sherwani online or offline involves considering the occasion, personal style, and comfort. Each type offers a distinct aura, allowing you to express your individuality while embracing tradition. With a plethora of options available, you can confidently select a Sherwani that resonates with your taste, ensuring you look resplendent on your special day.

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Pamela J. Powell